Playing Rules for Xenimus


I want Xenimus to be as free as possible so people can do what they want. In order for a game to be a true role playing game there needs to be a certain amount of freedom. On the other hand there are some people that make it their goal to cuase problems and/or stop other people from having fun. There are also people that will try to hack or cheat. These rules are to help stop these kinds of people.

Breaking one of the rules below could could result in any or all of the following: having your players items deleted, having your player deleted, having your account deleted, or being banned from the game.

1. If you discover a game bug, you are not allowed to use it to gain items or kill other players, these bugs need to be reported so I can fix them.

2. You are not allowed to log into or delete players from an account that you do not own.

3. Sexual harassment is not allowed. There will always be confrontations between players but there is no need for sexual harassment.

4. Racist comments are not allowed.

5. Excessive player killing is not allowed.


Many problems in this game come from the fact that people share, buy, or trade something for an account. Doing this is VERY DANGEROUS. A lot of people get cheated when they do this. If you choose to share, buy, or trade for an account then you accept ALL risk and responsibility for doing it.


You are never in any way allowed to log into an account that is not yours. This means even if you are given the account number and password by the owner you are still not allowed to log in. If a friend of yours gives you their account info and you log into their account and they later claim that they were hacked and/or you did not have permission, I will be forced to beleive them and your account could be deleted.

You are not allowed to send any kind of TCP-IP or UDP packet to the servers through any program other than the game client on your computer.


Your players are stored on my servers and are owned by me. I reserve the right to do anything to your players for any reason. This includes but is not limited to: removing items, changing stats, or deletion.

If you don't want to agree with these rules, then don't play the game.


Server Admins

A server admin could ban any player for a violation of rules 1 3 and 4 above. They could also ban you for creating sexual or racist player names. Banning by an admin can last up to 12 hours. Admins do NOT have access to anyones account info.

Here are my guidelines for Admins:

Using bugs to kill others or gain items - ban them for 12 hours and send me an email about it.

Sexual/racist comments - 1 or 2 warnings then ban them for 1 hour, then 2 hours, then 3....... This is actually up to the admin, if they say something really offensive to someone and you want to ban them for 3 hours right off the bat, go right ahead. I have zero tolerance to that kind of thing, most admins are likely to be nicer than I would.

Send me an email about any other kind of conduct you think should require banning and we can talk about what should be done.

Admins are NOT ALLOWED to ban for the following reasons:

1.  If you get PKed and lose the best item you ever had.
2.  If you really dont like someone.
3.  If they killed one of your friends.
4.  If you think they hacked someone. (I handle that stuff)
5.  As long as another player is playing by the rules you dont have the right to ban them.

VERY IMPORTANT - Admins need to know for sure that something was done in order to take any action. This means that admins wont just take anyones word on something. 

I suggest that admins don't tell anyone they are admin. It will make things easier. In general you should play the game like normal and deal with things if you happen to find someone who is breaking rules.

Admin commands:

To display all characters that have the letters 'dragon' in their name do this:
-clist dragon

To display all currently logged on characters with the letters 'dragon' in their name do this:
-cliston dragon

Spaces are allowed in both of the -clist and -cliston commands, so this next example is also valid:
-clist big john

To ban a person for 1 hour do this:
-ban 999 1
999 is the player number, player numbers are displayed when you use the -clist and -cliston commands.
To ban player 20 for 15 min do this:
-ban 20 .25
To ban player 1234 for 1 and a half hours do this:
-ban 1234 1.5
To unban player 5001 do this:
-ban 5001 0
In this example you are basicly telling the server to ban them for no time so the last number is zero.