NOTE: this information will apply to both 1.0 and 2.0 versions of the game.

Account Setup

Choose account set up from the main menu and if you have a working Internet connection the game client ask the server for a valid account number which you should see appear at the top of the screen. if the account number is zero you may need to tell your router to allow the game to communicate. It may also be necessary for some people to run the game in administrator mode. This is because as a developer I prefer to do things more in line with the way Apple would do it, in other words I store all of your game data in the Xenimus folder because I don't want to change your registry in any way. this means that if you wanted to uninstall the game all that is required is for the Xenimus folder to be deleted.

At this point enter in a password and email address. The email address is only used for password recovery and to establish account ownership. It is never sold or given away to any other company for any reason ever.

Character Creation

 After creating your account the create character screen will automatically open or choose create character from the main menu. Choose your path of light or dark side which will give you different racial options, choose a race which will then give you different class options. When a class is selected important stats on the right side will be green and a very important stats will be glowing. some stats have minimum requirements and some have maximum starting points. Choose your characters head style and hair color or in some cases skin tone, but they can also be changed any time during gameplay. Make sure to choose an appropriate name for your character, inappropriate or offensive names will be changed by me to whatever I feel like, so this is your opportunity to make sure you choose a name you will like. If you give up this opportunity and choose something foolish you will not get to choose what I change your name to later.

Starting Out

The first thing you will need to do is learn how to bind keys to different functions which I have set up to be very easy and straightforward. Press P for player information and then choose 'Keys'. Select a key and function on the left side, change the key with the set key button or change the function with the options on the right side, unless the function is a basic game function like attacking which you can't bind to something else.

Please take the time to read through all of the different standard keys. There are different view modes if you would like to play in top-down or third person view. Also take notice of the stop action key which will negate actions and spells.

Quests / Leveling

Press 'L' for your quest log where you can see current quest progress and whether or not you have completed other tasks. There are tons of different quests and things you can do. Talk to some of the NPC's in town to get some of the beginner quests. Some quests are more hidden where you simply go and find a shrine which gives you strength or a treasure chest which will give you an item. When you get close to maximum level there is a balancing quest 'The Great Quest' that you can get from the King or High Lord that is only available to new players in order to help you compete with the existing player base. This quest is given to you based on your characters item wealth, after a certain point you will no longer be eligible for this quest. The item rewards from this quest are random so if you happen to get an item you don't need or want it should be sold to a vendor immediately so it counts as little as possible toward your item wealth value. Item wealth is a hidden value and there is no way to tell what it is, and there never will be.

The Great Quest is not easy and you should be careful about accepting gear on loan from another player because that gear will count against you because it will be calculated into your item wealth value.

NOTE: The Great Quest will not be available on a server where there is a reasonable balance of player item wealth. In other words a new server where everyone was starting out fresh the quest would not be offered by any of the NPC's.

Player Etiquette

DO NOT give out your account information to anyone! DO NOT loan gear to someone or let someone 'see' an item. Account security is your responsibility and you need to protect it. There are some occasions where I will do an IP scan on an account and if there is a very clear hacking that occurred I may take action against the hacker. I certainly don't want hackers to get away with that kind of thing but ultimately account security is your responsibility. DO NOT buy gear or accounts for real life cash, it is very likely you will get scammed and in those cases there is nothing I can do.

PVP is part of the game and that will always be true, in fact I recently added a new PVP zone. But purposely hunting down a given player and killing them an excessive number of times is not PVP and will be considered harassment, and in that case you could potentially have a ban for a certain number of hours.

Trash talk is also a part of any online RPG, that said I have a very low tolerance for racist or sexual harassment. I also don't allow real life personal information to be used against someone. Mainly because that indicates someone very likely went to a social media website to find personal information that they could use against someone, this is obviously also harassment.