Buying Tokens
Bonus mode days Bonus mode days give you 10% more exp per kill and allow you to own structures. Owning structures can give even more bonuses to your character.
Partial Stat Respec A partial stat respec will allow you to remove 1 point for every 10 levels of your character (PlayerLevel / 10) from each stat on your character which you can then put anywhere you want. Stats will not go below minimum values for your race and bonuses from shrines.
Full Skill Respec This will allow you to redistribute all your skill points
Full Stat/Skill Respec This will allow you to redistribute all stat and skill points. Stats will not go below minimum values for your race and bonuses from shrines.
100,000 experience This will give you an extra 100,000 experience points and is intended to help you start off a new player.
Switch sides good/evil If the server is running in good VS evil mode then this will allow you to switch sides. Some players use this as a method of changing their race but that is not really its intended purpose. Jeloc/Velanthra status is lost when doing this!!
There is also no guarantee you will be able to switch sides if there are already too many people on the side you want to switch to.

Other ideas for token purchases have been considered but I do not want tokens to have too drastic of an affect on the games economy. It is possible that in the future I could have NPCs offer gear or other items for tokens. Any gear sold this way would have durability.

Restoring old accounts

Make sure your account is restored BEFORE you make a payment. To do this, first make sure to select the proper server. Then try to get your characters to display on the login screen. When the server sees that you are trying to find the characters for an account it attempts to automatically restore the account. If it can't then you must email me so I can restore them. DO NOT MAKE A PAYMENT before your characters are restored or the database does not have an account to apply the payment to!!

Please use the restore account web form so I have all the proper information.

Credit Card Payments


Payments on this site are SECURE!!
After entering your account number and clicking a payment button
you will be transferred to PayPal for the rest of the transaction.

You should get your tokens within a few minutes of the payment.
If it takes over an hour then send me the item# from the PayPal email.
The item# looks something like this: 1234567-1445566779-10

Credit card options:


Enter your game account number, NOT your credit card number.

Account number