New web server  7-14-2024

I'm working on it. The message board should be back soon.

xen 2.0 update  2-4-24

Added some new gear at the high end with spirit based
props but also added some other gear as well.

Been working on the list that I create from player
meetings. Vis Maximus Potions updating after usage.
Run speed prop on boots does work, but does not affect
attack run, spirit run or force run and was not meant to.
It is for your regular player movement speed. So not the
most useful prop out there, but does not what it intends.

Found and fixed a major server crash bug!

Used AI to enhance some images on 2.0 also.

xen 1.0 update  2-3-24

Added some new gear at the high end with spirit based
props but also added some other gear as well.

Been working on the list that I create from player
meetings. Vis Maximus Potions updating after usage.
Run speed prop on boots does work, but does not affect
attack run, spirit run or force run and was not meant to.
It is for your regular player movement speed. So not the
most useful prop out there, but does not what it intends.

Made some NPCs a bit stronger. Rygaron was getting killed
too quick.

Been using AI to enhance images. AI is super cool and I
used it on a couple textures. Sometimes it does really
strange things, but ususally is really cool.

Balance update both games  10-12-23

***** 2.0 notes *****
Updated the Ranger defense mastery with the protection.
They will also get a skill respec.
Town buffs are just the weak versions and still work in pvp
Stopped transporting inside players or NPCs.
Trans wand VS trans spell were using different collision
functions, but are now the same.
Wizard, Warlock - slight bump, base magics up by 2%.
Bow fragor should show properly and work now.
Cleric, Diabolist - disintegration +2%, fulgur + 10%.
Better critical energy for cleric, diabolist, and druid.
Fixed green elixer and vis maximus potion.
Slight nerf to fierce warrior skill.
Juxta is stronger and less resist magic shadow form.
5+ people do a raid or no gear drops.
Boss HP resets at a larger range.
Redid 100 chest area and entrance.
Houses kick out non owner friends and properly delete
marks on loss of ownership.
Fixed rune props affecting more players than it should.

***** 1.0 notes *****
Updated the Ranger defense mastery with the protection.
They will also get a skill respec.
Wizard magic cap is higher than other classes
Cleric, Diabolist - currupt armor is stronger
Better critical magic for druid.
Slight nerf to fierce warrior skill.
Juxta is stronger and less resist magic shadow form.
5+ people do a raid or no gear drops.
Boss HP resets at a larger range.

Copy 1.0 chars to 2.0!!  1-7-2023

You can now copy your character from Xenimus 1.0 over to 2.0 if you want to give that version a try. Log on to your 1.0 character and type "-copyx2" to start the process. Your character will be copied over with no gear and all of your quests will be reset. Stats will also be reset so you can respec them.

Update Notes  12-11-2022

Created some new stuff using some old stuff. Added some items. Updated the strength of some mage class spells for balancing, but they were small changes.

quitquest should work better now.

I can't give notes on everything because some things need to be discovered.

A couple quests  9-7-2022

Added a couple new quests and might make one of them repeatable in the future. I will have a chat with people in Discord about it later. Not a huge update though.

Also you may have noticed some herbs in the game. Getting things setup for alchemy.

Small update  08-24-2022

Made some small adjustments for class balancing. Made some monsters more resistant to disintegration. Added some gear I can't really hint on.

Balance and Items  10-16-2021

Made some boss areas non pvp. Added a new bow type to see how it affects rangers. There is just one for now but if the idea words I will add more.

I also increased the chances of getting the 70 chest pull item since it can only be done once per day.

It is also possible to move tradable gear to and from the storage of characters on your account. There is a drop down list at the top.

Cleric / Diabolist upgrades:
Slightly stronger Corrupt
fixed a bug with disintegration - proper damage now
(possibly too strong, let me know on this)
Vastare Malus - stronger

Darkwar: Juxta Flamma a bit stronger
Reduced shadow form speed in non trans areas.

Warlock/Witch: Tabes Viscera a bit stronger

All boss HP reduced by 20%

Added extra variations of helms/hats like we talked about in discord. Started with those because they cover both fighter and caster types.

VEIL - PVP Zone Update!  1-16-21

You will get a message when entering or leaving. The rules for this zone will work the same as a PVP event but will only apply to this zone.

All inventory can drop when killed. There is no loss of Jeloc status. Bonus 20% experience.

There are several new items that will only drop in this zone. Some are rare and some are super rare.

The harder the monsters you kill the better the chance for those drops. There are several mini bosses that have a better chance of dropping those items but are still rare even from them.

NOTE! This is a major change to the game rule system so take some time to test it as much as possible.

Stats and wealth calcs  1-3-21

I updated the bonus melee classes get from strength and I redid the calculations for Int and Wis bonuses.

Druids charm rules have been updated, go ahead and test it.

The wealth for the Great Quest calculates at random times now.

Fixes and balance  5-2-2020

There are some bug fixes to some items and I have also wiped all sanctus scrolls and made them very rare. Clerics and Disbolists will now be the main way people get those buffs. They also had Vastare Malus increased in damage slightly based on Wisdom.

I fixed the MP calculations that are based on the casters primary stat (Int or Wis). Putting too many points in Int or Wis will NOT result in good MP gains. The HP calc was also adjusted to give more HP for a higher Con value. Watch for the free respec elixir in your inventory.

The next update will also be more class balancing. All I did for this update is adjusted Paladin HP down slightly so the Warrior has the most HP of any class. I will be buffing Warriors in some way to bring them up to the Paladin level.

I also fixed a bug with the consignment merchant that could cause a crash.

Small 2.0 update  3-8-2020

Did a small update to 2.0 to add some leveling areas for 60+ players. Currently working on a content update for 1.0. Professions is taking too long so that is going on hold until after some other updates.

Sounds Update  11-10-2019

This is the sounds update. Four new female voices and four new male voices. Your characters will now actually laugh when you type LOL and there are 3 taunts that can be activated by typing taunt1 2 or 3.

Max potion update  9-2-2019

I did lower the price of maximus potions but they are still a little more expensive. Please give the vitality potions a chance, that is why I added them to begin with. I also lowered the price of vitality potion as well.

You can now order your characters on the login screen by right clicking their name to move them up or shift right click to move them down.

I gave the spirit crystal NPC a complete GUI so he is much easier to deal with now.

The cost of the Void Magna gear will come down but I wanted more time to take a closer look at that.

Raid update for X1.0  8-10-2019

Raid bosses have been updated to drop supply items
that can be used to make some very high end items.

I changed the functionality of blue pearls, some
potions, and some elixirs.

2.0 content and events  6-16-2019

Adding some new content soon to Xenimus 2.0. I'm buying a new model pack that will have a ton of new stuff. I will not be using all of it but there are some cool elven style structures as well as huge hollowed out trees that look cool. I will also be adding the event system to 2.0.

Server events  4-1-2019

Dating this back to 4-1 because I did this a while back. Added an event system so I can have double exp days, fast boss spawn days, pvp days, or whatever else I come up with. I have some new event ideas I'm working on now.

NEW SERVER hardware  12-30-2018

Moved the game over to a new server. Better ping, faster computer, tons more memory. People were complaining about lag spikes. I don't think that was caused by the connection, it was just that the server hardware was getting too old.

Fixes, Dungeons, Level 45  8-9-2018

Buffs should be properly calculated which off hand items equiped.

The spirit run with juxta should not do huge damage now.

Several dungeons and other areas have been changed to hopefully make them more useful.

I will be increasing max level to 45 on the PvP Server.

Xenimus 2.0 update  6-29-2018

Did some bug fixing and added some new content. I also started on one of the major death dungeons but it is not all there yet. There are a few monsters guarding the entrance if you want to get yourself killed.

I added 4 more ownable structures and I will turn on the tokens soon so people can use those.

I will begin the new PvP server changes right away.

Off hand items update  4-29-2018

Off hand items have been added. Wands shoot a spell and dagger type items are thrown. These shootable items are on their own timer so they can be used as additional damage if worked in
properly during battle PVE or PVP.

Dagger type items magically appear back in your hand (of course).

Inventory and storage items can be sorted now using right click, ctrl + right click, and alt + right click, plus you can drag and drop. You can not drag to/from inventory and storage yet.

I saw the post on making summoned skeletons better so they will have a weapon and shield based on level plus better AI.

There is a new alignment and wealth based dungeon with bosses. It's not meant to be hidden, you will find it fairly quick.

Consignment merchant now has a search ability.

Xenimus 1.0 update  3-10-2018

I updated the items the mystic merchant sells.

Arrows will travel faster now but the shot rate is still the same.

Poison works a bit different now and should be a much more useful spell for Witches and Warlocks. Other people should carry curing potions for PvP.

Paladin and Dark Paladin spin range has been increased and I changed how inner strength works.

Wizard and Druid multi spells were buffed a small amount.

The food/magic bag graphic was updated so they look different.

Xen 2.0 update today  2-7-2018

Just some more content and bug fixes.

Talk to the King!!  1-27-2018

I did an update today to offer a new quest to players below a certain wealth level. It is a long chain quest that will result in a really cool item chance.

A couple good things should happen.

This will allow people who are more independent to get some better gear. But it won't get you super powerful, you will still need to raid. But this will help you compete.

People with tons of gear will not be able to just trade it off or sell it so they can do this quest, this is for the non rich players to gain some balance.

I will be setting this quest to only be doable once per day.

Large Xen 2.0 update  1-21-2018

I did a fairly large content and bug fix update to Xenimus 2.0. Too much to list really so check it out.

Boots and Capes!!  12-13-2017

The boots and capes update is finally here! There is also a ton of other stuff.

I bought a model pack of weapons and some shields and added several new items from that. Hopefully most of the item gaps people posted about are now filled. Some new armors were also added.

There are some new monsters and new places to be discovered.

Some items have new graphics and new names. Xencon is now Draconic because I think Xencon should be reserved for actual items won at a Xenimus conference if we have one again.

I also reduced the affect of adding an RGB color to items. It was a bit over powering and the RGB would dominate the item color.

PvP weekend  10/13 to 10/14

Same rules as last time. No Jeloc/Velanthra loss, Drop full inventory on death, and 20% bonus exp. I will turn it on after work on Friday at about 4pm and then turn it off late Saturday night around midnight.

Raid stats update  9-4-2017

Recently I updated the raid system so that it will show what gear dropped, not who got it, but at least that it dropped.

I also added a reward system for the 1st and 2nd place DPS and Healer. The rewards are small right now while it gets tested. My update today was a small fix for that.

Helms, GUI, Graphics, PVP  7-19-2017

You can only get good points from a monster that would give you some experience.

The -report will now report recent regular chat text and world chat.

I added some more helms to fix the high end helm gap. There is also a new set of mage gloves. I'm sure more gaps will be filled later.

The server can be put in full PVP mode at any time. We will test this with a full PVP weekend soon. Watch the message board.

Stats and quest log was updated to show more info.

Some Xen 2.0 graphics was added to 1.0.

Server side update today  5-29-2017

Non drop items now have a max equip limit of three. Choose what to equip wisely.

Mages have been able tank too much but their HP levels seemed fine. I noticed they were getting a huge bonus to extrudere. At the time I was thinking they needed it but that was probably too much. It was removed.

Town guards are stronger and the hated system is back in place.

I have other changes planned but didn't have time to program them for this update.

X20 marks, rings, boots, capes  12-10-16

Been working on 2.0 all day today and decided on going back to 5 marks in X2.0. This will cause people be more conservative with their marks and travel more. I can also add more modes of transportation then. I think I will be slowing down gas a bit. Progression will be like this.

Travel speeds slow to fast:

  • Running

  • Gas/Flame form

  • Mounts

  • Magical forms of transportation (Mystic blade and a new idea I have that is really cool)

Boots could also have a property that give you a burst of speed for a certain amount of time.

I will also be going to 4 rings slots right away and later I will add boots and capes. There is no point in getting you used to having 6 rings again only to remove 2 of them for the boots and cape slots later.

Small update  10-29-16

OK, I did a small update.

* You can't see spells under walls anymore.
* People in a raid with the same IP get all chars excluded from drops. Yes that means 2 people playing in the same house will not be able to attend the same raid.
* Ground items should be blocked in most cases also.

If you notice any problems let me know.

Xenimus 2.0 progress  9-29-2016

Making progress every day, my todo list gets shorter all the time. I don't give out release dates but things are going well.

Small update  5-16-2016

I changed Druids skill from critical energy over to critical magic. The amount of critical magic was incorrectly displayed as 50% whenit was actually only giving 25%. So I buffed it to 30% and that is correct.

Paladin hit points were increased to be closer to a Warrior and their Inner Strength skill was given slightly more power and increased in length.

Only 2 skeletons can be summoned now.

I did add a few areas to kill monsters but my main focus is on Xenimus 2.0 right now. This was not meant to be a huge update.

Balance and Contra update  1-1-2016

Your request to convert the Druid Sidus spell over to spirit seemed reasonable, so that has been done.

Flame and shadow aura are not used very much so I increased the time they last and their strength slightly.

The armor skill for paladins was not giving the correct bonus amount. Each point was giving 1% and was supposed to be 2%. This has been fixed and will give a needed bonus to Paladins and Dark Paladins. I also gave them a bit more rage and their Inner Strength is slightly stronger.

Velocitas gives slightly less speed and is a little less powerful when casting it on others.

Wizards multi spell cast speed was increased slightly along with 1% more base magic bonus.

Warlocks were given 2% more base magic bonus.

Contra Magicus - big changes

If your resist dispell fails then there is a good chance of a 5 level nerf on existing buffs. You also get 20 seconds of protection from Contra Magicus. Some things like gas form and contra visus are still turned off.

You will see the regular spell affect when it works and a blue particle affect when it fails. Scrolls and potions are not longer affected.

Warrior update  10-12-2015

The Fighter and Barbarian classes have been combined to create the Warrior class. I'm going to leave Berserk and Fierce Warrior as is, they are on the same timer so people can't use both of them but it gives them the ability to choose.

No shields with 2h weapons, 1h with moves, 2h with spin distance and bonus damage.

Giving them reduced resist all magic.

I'm sure some adjustments will be needed so let me know if you find anything.

Small balance update  9-19-2015

I made a few adjustments based on the most recent balance post.

Wiped out the home mark location for charmed pets so they should not port back to their spawn point. Let me know how they act after this.

Gave Druids some more base spirit magic.

Increased Darkwar fire damage and gave them some more base attack speed.

Raid update  9-13-2015

Raids are now based on a point system. You gain points by doing different things and slowly lose points over time. So in order to qualify for gear at the end you must have been involved with the raid. You gain points by damaging the boss, and healing or buffing people in the raid. The server checks to see if the player needs to be healed or actually needs the buff before it gives you points.

The paladin multi buff is reduced for other players, it is the same for themselves.

Ultra monsters will now move faster than before. So if someone tries to drag monsters to the boss fight they should get caught and killed, before they were too slow.

Balance update  7-24-2015

I did some class balancing in several areas. Keep in mind that the changes are small! I don't want to over adjust things.

Druids have a little more hit points and magic power. They also have some base spirit damage to increase their multi spell strength and any other spirit spells.

Barbarian spin speed was lowered slightly.

Paladins have more hit points, natural rage and ferocious attack with a slightly larger boost going to ferocious attack. Dark Paladins were buffed the same way but with slightly more rage, just to make the different.

Darkwars were given a bit more fire magic and lethal attack.

Diabolists were given a bit more fire damage.

*** Team speak stuff ***

The Spider Queens poison should be stronger.

Charmed monsters should equip gear properly.

Someone mentioned a Hell Knight near location 591,493. I didn't find a Hell Knight at that location. Maybe someone is dragging one there?

Monsters should not spawn with revenge anymore and boss away ability was toned down slightly.

Players should be able to heal dead pets to bring them back.

Arrmor spell, minor stuff  7-1-2015

Armor spell bonus is calculated a different way now and should make it more useful. It may be a little too strong and need changing.

I also changed some boss fighting logic.

Stat balance update  6-1-2015

I added a system to make diminishing returns on stats so that people who stack all their points into one thing like strength or intelligence will start to see each point be worth less and less. I added a mouse over text box when adding the points so you can see how much each one is worth.

Series of server updates  3-18-2015

I am doing a series of server updates to make adjustments to the items and classes in the game for the purposes of game balance. Over the next 10 days I expect to be updating the server at least once every two days and it should become less and less as time goes on. I will be creating threads on the message board for immediate feedback from players. The first in the series of updates started today.

hud and stuff  2-13-15

All consumable items can be turned on to show on the screen using the options screen.

Item piles can be set to sparkle. The sparkle settings are also on the options screen.

I reduced barbarian damage again, they are still a bit over powered.

Warlocks and Witches have some more automatic fire and shadow magic bonus.

Wizards were also increased in damage in all spell types.

Default gear for a new character is better now.

Exp stats update  1-24-2015

The exp stats is now an option you can turn on using the options screen.

Item piles should now have the highest treasure level item at the top.

I reduced barbarian damage a little, they seemed to still be a bit over powered.

Warlocks and Witches have some automatic fire and shadow magic bonus.

Rangers internal calculation for arrow damage was restructured a bit. The skill shows as being
lowered from 4% to 3% but I changed the base the % is applied to so it will actually be more.

Small update today  1-13-2015

I put a cap on maximus change % so it can not go above 50.

Berserk skill should show the proper time now.

Strength spell bonus has been lowered but it is harder to dispell.

Battle scrolls are not longer stackable.

The death knight task given by Corsix should work now.

There is a small graphical change you might like.

Adjustments update  10-25-2014

I adjusted fighters skills a bit so they are a bit stronger.

Warlocks/Witches are also slightly stronger with poison cloud and rot flesh.

Rangers multi shot damage was increased slightly and their dodge skill is better.

All adjustments are small! I don't want to make any large adjustments that might throw things out of balance.

Bosses should now spawn far more often and a few are a little easier to kill.

I adjusted all halberd damage.

Fixed some NPCs that improperly had a bow as their weapon,

Rage potions have a much less chance to be dispelled.

Graphics, world chat, and mini map  7-15-2014

This is a cool update. Didn't take very long and added some nice things. World chat and mini map will help players a lot. There are also several new graphics upgrades for some of the shields and weapons.

The update this morning  6-20-2014

I did an update of things that are server side only. The fixes/changes were High level monsters wont spawn near you, hiddens no longer stack, three star invisibility changes to regular invisibility on any action, guards should see gas form, ranger multi shot will stack twice on each monster, bosses should raise alignment properly now.

Render system update  6-11-2014

I did a small update today to increase the speed of the internal rendering system. I'm not even sure if people will notice but it is more efficient for sure. If you do notice a difference let me know.

Character model update  6-8-2014

Because this update is so huge I am going to put the files in the main installer and cut the size of the update to just a few files so any updates I do to fix bugs will be small quick downloads.

So from this point forward you will need to download the main install from the website manually and then let it download the update if it needs to.

Beams changing a bit  6-1-2014

Just a graphical change. A human is the base char height, the new Lurker and Scallion are slightly shorter, the new Dreg and Half Orc are slightly taller. With the difference in heights and body size I had to program the beams to emit from exactly between the hands or it looked bad.

I also made a quick change to make the beams 3D so they don't appear flat when viewing in FP mode. This will also be good for future screen shots.

So really it's mostly done and I'm now going to be working on some GUI stuff to allow color selections. Then after some more testing I will put it out.

New character models/armor update  5-13-2014

Things are going very well. Just finished up a new shader for special FX for the armors and characters. It will handle hair color or skin color depending on if you have hair or not. That means a Scallion or Lurker could be slightly blue or red. It will also handle mixing your armor texturs with other flowing textures.

Todays small update  3-17-2014

PVP damage is now reduced by 25% instead of 50%. I also made constitution worth more HP for lower level characters. I will also be spawning Cron and the Spider Queen to see how hard it is for people to kill them.

Account ownership system  11-2-2013

Accounts will now be owned by the registered Email address. Please use the website to convert your secret word to a registered email address. From now on if someone wants access to an account because an Email address is no longer in use or they forgot it, I will first send a confirmation email to the current registered Email address and wait for a response. If I don't get a response in 3 days or I get an undeliverable message then I will allow that person to own the account. They must still have proper proof they own the account.

Server Change posts  9-28-2013

Several posts are on the message board where people can post their ideas and opinions about future changes to the game.

Helms, Hats, Exp, Items, Castles update  8-4-2013

I like to work on the weakest graphics in the game and get it looking better. Helms and hats have for a long time looked terrible. I had most of them redone and I spent a lot of time fitting them on the character models properly.

The level 70 exp changes have been made and there are some new ways to get gear that I will let you discover.

Castles can now be upgraded in different ways

Message board  6-15-2013

The message board has not been working for me and I assume it is down for everyone. If it does not come back soon I will setup a new one somewhere else.

Quick note about emails  5-27-2013

A few of you have been emailing me about different things and I have been responding but you entered your email incorrectly so I get an 'undeliverable' message when I send it.

Make sure to enter your email correctly when using the contact pages.

More GUI updates and new graphics  5-23-2013

I am applying the new GUI system to more of the game screens. Several more have been redone and are working much better.

I also had a graphic artist draw some rings, amulets, and necklaces for the game. They are much better then the old ones.

Graphics update - too much at once  4-18-2013

After getting into programming the new graphics engine for the game I came to realize that doing all this at once is just too huge of an update. I need to divide it up into smaller chunks. I don't want to go so long without an update to the game anyway. So I will work on problem areas starting with the lag that some people get with the high poly demons, the ones you call pink demons that are dark red now. Then I will look at upgrading the GUI and making the game more user friendly.

Next update  3-28-2013

I have adjusted the experience needed for level 65 and adjusted some other levels so the leveling is smoother as you get close to 70. I have also been creating a chart of quest level, kills, exp, and rewards so I can more precisely determine how much exp and rewards to give out based on the level of the quest. Right away I notice that Jugger gives out a level 30 quest to kill HKs for 55k exp. I'm not sure why that is so high but it will be adjusted. The general also gives out 3 quests that are all 10 levels apart but are all around 50k with different rewards. I will adjust those as well along with the evil side counter parts.

Android Xen --> Next update --> graphics update  3-9-2013

The android version of Xenimus is very close to finished. There will be 2 versions. A free version that is basically a try before you buy version and then the full version that I have not decided on the price yet. I will compare to other games.

I will then do an update of quests, new killing areas, and a few other things.

The new graphics engine for the game will be a fairly large update and will take a few months of programming. When I get it done the internal graphics engine will be much better and able to do a lot more. I will also be adding the new GUI system that is far superior to the current GUI. The android version uses the new GUI if you want to see it. Animation will be the same at first but that is one of the reasons for this update. It will be much easier to integrate better animations into the game after this update.

Then some time after the graphics update I will do the character model update. There is still a lot to do on this and I do not have a release date.

The future of Xenimus  2-10-2013

After the recent online meeting I had I know there have been some people concerned about continued development of the game. There is no need to be concerned in any way. I plan on implementing the new graphics engine as soon as possible. I have also recently had the 3-D models created for the character models. So as you can see I am obviously continuing development on the game.

My plan is to write put in the new graphics engine and then after that at some point put in the new character models.

The single player phone version will do a few different things. First it might increase awareness of the PC version of the game. I will let people know in the directions that it can be played online. There will be a free single player version and android owners download those games a lot. The game is nearly done and already has game play very similar to the PC version. Go ahead and download some of the free RPGs out there. They suck really bad so I will be one of the better ones out there. Second, I will have a graphics engine written for the phone so I can very easily put out other phone games. Third, it is likely going to help me get an android programming job so I can put more money into 3D models and advertising for the PC version.

Some people also think that I should not be spending my time working on the single player phone version. Well that is too bad! I will decide what I work on. I am the one that puts all the work, time, and money into this game. If you don't like it then quit the game. You do nothing but sit back and play a free game that I created and you have the arrogance to think you should be telling me how to spend my time? WTF is that BS.

Buying / Selling for real cash  10-25-2012

I said a while back that people could buy or sell gear as long as they didn't do it in game. For the most part gear sellers have just ignored that request. It also does not seem to be something that is good for the game.

So from this point forward the rule will be simple. Any person caught buying or selling anything in the game for real cash will be wiped or deleted.

Anything already done is fine.

Todays small update  10-15-2012

Just a small update to the tempest area. I made it a little easier to get in and a bit easier to on the lower level.

Update on new character models  10-7-2012

Many of you know I have been having some new character models professionally created. Some screen shots are posted on the message board.

Looks like there will be around 16 different base armors for a total of 32 for male and female versions. Each one is costing about $100 so this base set will obviously be around $3200. Then the models need to be converted to all the different races.

Generally each race should not be too much work for the graphic artist. The humans will have to be modified/converted to each race. Elves, Dregs, and Dark Elves, will be easy because they are mainly skin tone and face changes. Things like Scallions, Lurkers, and the Half Orcs will require more work.

This brings me to my reason for this post. Because of the cost of this I will probably reduce the number of race options.

Good options: Human, Elf, Scallion, Dreg.
Evil options: Minion, Dark Elf, Lurker, Half Orc. (Minions will have the eye option)

Switching sides from good <--> evil will be a direct conversion as you see above. (Human/Minion, Elf/Dark Elf...)

The other races could be added in later but I think this will be the races when this update happens. There is no date on this update! Obviously there is a lot of work to be done yet.

Another small update  9-16-2012

Added some graphics and an option to stop all guild invites.

Small update today  9-11-2012

I put out a small optional update today, download it if you want to. It has a fix for the text to appear on top of other graphics properly and I also turned on crash tracking because a few people said they have crashed.

Posting here  9-10-2012

I was doing most of my posting on the message board but several people have said they would like to see me post here also.

Todays update was mostly to fix some GUI issues. The text is a bit short so I will stretch it taller a bit and I still need to work on the skills text. There will be another small update soon.

Update: I just put out the fix for the chat text and the skill text. It's optional so if you want the fix download and install the update.

Hacking and responsibility  1-12-2012

Recently there have been some people being hacked. I would just like to reiterate the fact that it is your responsibility to protect your accounts. I try to help in some situations. If I do an IP scan and it looks like you have been sharing your account then I'm probably not going to do anything. If it looks like someone did log in and do something to your account then I am far more likely to try to fix the problem. It is ultimately your responsibility to protect your account.

New PvP system rules  11-4-2011

This is how the new PvP rules should be working. if they are not then let me know and I will get it fixed. I do believe that things are currently working fine.

All three of the PvP commands (-all, -enemies, -monsters) will remain in the game because if the server ever gets switched back to good versus evil they will be needed. Some people have already voiced their opinion that they would like to see this happen, however that is an issue for a different thread.

First of all I have taken betrayal points out of the calculations for PvP. Betrayal points are now only used for deciding when you can get back into the Jeloc dungeon.

Currently the only non-PVP area of the game is the upper left quadrant of the map, in a good versus evil situation the lower right quadrant of the map would also be non-PVP.

if you go on -all in a non-PVP area you will go into PVP mode for 2 1/2 minutes. Once in PVP mode you can be attacked by people who are on -all or -enemies. the attacker would also then be in PVP mode. If you do not wish to engage in PVP then stay on -monsters.

if you go on -all in a full PVP area you should be able to attack anyone no matter what mode they are on. You will also go into PVP mode for 2 1/2 minutes but that is irrelevant unless you go back to a non-PVP area.

You will gain betrayal points if you kill someone who was not in PVP mode no matter what area they are in.

Tokens / Update  10-1-2011

The token system was not working for a couple days because my website host company broke it and now has fixed it. They decided to block all ports on the website for some insane reason. I don't want to go into a huge rant about how pissed off I am at them, so lets just say those %$@#ing %$#@%s finally got it fixed!!

The update is going well, the new level 70 chest dungeon is done. I will let you know this. It is possible to get a Sword of Skull, Black Cloth, XenCon items, and all the Vexar gear. There are also some "less lucky" items you can get. Anyone 65 or higher can enter the area because you will probably need help, once you find it of course.

New website and new email  7-28-2011

I think it would be best for people to also send in PayPal IDs that are dated before 7-18-2011. I'm finding that many people have not e-mailed me very recently, I've been scanning the last 2600 e-mails I have received and some people have none showing up.

You may have noticed (because you are here) that the website is up again. It is using the new host and I have setup my email through them instead of comcast with their worthless security.

My new email is:

I'm going to always setup my email through the website host from now on so this email should never change again.

if you sent me an email during the time when the hacker had access to my email account (7-18-11 to 7-27-11) then send me a regular email through the website requesting a new secret word. Be sure to specify what you want. I will be using email history to confirm your the owner instead of Paypal IDs. So in other words the secret word request must come from an email address you have used in the past. This method of verification will only be valid because of this emergency. After things settle down I will go back to the old Paypal ID system. I will make a special note on all payments during that time so I know they could have been accessed by the hacker.

The hacker did NOT have access to my account that entire time because I was checking it on a regular basis, but I know he broke back in (because comcast is stupid) a couple times.

It is also important to note!!! The hacker never had access to any credit card info you may have used with Paypal. For your protection that information is never even sent to me.

trading structures  6-20-2011

Ownable structures can now be traded. people usually call them houses, but they don't really look like houses do they? Anyway an owner can now create a deed to a house with the -deed command. The deed is destroyed as soon as you trade it and ownership is instant. This is done so that only an owner can have a deed in their possesion.
Remeber the rules of ownership!!
Your highest level char must own it.
One house per account.
You must have bonus mode days.
casters can only own diamond shaped houses, fighters own square houses.
You must be level 8 or higher. (this may change later)

Requesting NDNT gear restore  5-4-2011

You need to tell me when you lost it, I'm not going to try to guess what day it was.

account problems  5-3-2011

I wrote a server function that will allow me to restore NDNT gear that you lost. if you lost gear make sure to have spots free in your inventory and then email me what you lost and I will restore it.

I will also be writing a function to extract password info from yesterdays backup and reset passwords to what they were before UNLESS you have already requested a reset and have access again.

Account passwords not working  5-3-2011

For some reason the server is removing your passwords and forcing you to request a password change. I'm not sure why this is happening but I'm looking into it. There is no danger to your characters, it's just a password issue.

Game rules and admins  3-4-2011

Recently I have had a chat with admins and it seems that people harass them a fair amount. I have let them know that it is perfectly fine with me if they ban people who are harassing them.

The admins are there to help keep the game clean and stop abuse of exploits or bugs. I don't want their playing experience to be worse just because they are admins. I know they already take a fair amount of BS from players, and as admins they should expect a bit of that, but if it gets out of hand or inappropriate you will get banned for it. If it gets excessive and I have to get involved you will get deleted for it.

This also brings up another subject. People who do things in the game just to be annoying are getting old. It's just stuipd to be puting skeletons near an entrance or port just to block it. I'm going to get a lot more strict on this and any other game abuse crap. That means after a couple warnings I'm going to delete the character. I'm done with this kind of game abuse.

PVP all you want, trash talk (within game rules) all you want, and I'm sure there are 100 other ways to be an asshole, but game abuse is not allowed and never has been.

Major changes to PvP and good vs evil  1-13-2011

Vote on it here PvP system poll
Check out the rest of the message board for other info.

Small fix  1-7-2011

Last night I put out a different version of the update that will fix the problem where items do not show all the properties they have. I suggest you download it if you are having issues with items. you could be trying to fully prop an item that is already full and you don't even know it.

PVP Stats page / new website hoster  12-23-2010

The website is moved away from godaddy now to a new host that gives me "full trust" so I can program the website to do more. The PVP stats page works again (I'm working out some bugs on it) and I have already noticed an increase in speed, this host is much faster. Tokens paymens are very close to being automatic also.

Particle fix  12-19-2010

Download the update if you want the particle fix.

Well this sucks  12-18-2010

Looks like the server had a problems saving characters so when I did the update today it caused a rollback about 2 weeks. There is nothing I can do the data is lost. The characters you have now are the most recent. I will reprocess any token payments so those get properly updated.

Really sorry about this, I'm not sure what caused it.

I will spawn bosses many times over the next 2 weeks, I added bonus days to all accounts, and I boosted spawn rate.

Game not saving settings  11-11-2010

This problem should be fixed if you download the current version C of the game.

Xenergy has a key logger in it!!!  10-26-2010

I have warned people about this in the past that add on programs could have key loggers in them. Several Xenergy users have had gear missing. At first I thought there might be a problem with the server but I traced the gear to the creator of Xenergy. That means hea knows the passwords to any account that was using it.

Change your passwords right now!!

The update today  10-9-2010

This update fixed some bugs and added the guild gui (graphical user interface). There was a crash bug in the game client when I first put it out. I fixed that bug and put out another version of the update. If you are crashing then download and install the update again.

Some other small bugs were also fixed.

This was NOT the class balancing update. I'm still working on that.

Non drop trade once items / account restoring  8-25-2010

It is now possible for non drop trade once (NDTO) items to be pulled from chests. How they work should be obvious, if you trade them they become non drop non trade. Buying a NDTO item from the consignment merchant COUNTS AS A TRADE so it will not be tradable after you buy it. Taking your own item off consignment will not affect it.

I also reprogrammed a lot of the account restoring code. First try to log into your account like normal, the auto restore system works much better. If you don't see your chars then send me an email, I can restore them much easier now and I don't need to search the backups by the date you last played anymore.

Durability updated today  8-19-2010

I updated durability again this morning so it has a max of 500 and should decrease at a slower rate now. I still plan on adjusting it more but I need feed back on the current rate. I also removed some of the randomness so its a more consistent rate.

I will be increasing the drop rate on Non Drop Non Trade (NDNT) gear. First what I will do is make some of the gear that drops be Non Drop Trade Once (NDTO). This will add more items to the game because you will see it show up at the consignment merchant. Previously dropped gear will not be changed from NDNT to NDTO.

Email should be fixed  7-25-2010

I think I finally got the email system on the website working. It turned out to be that GoDaddy's servers were rejecting some emails.

if you sent me an email recently go ahead and give it another try.

New version of RPG demo  5-9-2010

I just put out a new version of the RPG demo. It is a required download. The install is much smaller because I got rid of all the extra textures. Any test accounts will be gone so you will need to create new ones.

RPG demo

Server crash  4-22-2010

The server crashed today and it looks like the backup system failed. That caused a reset of a couple days. I'm really sorry about that and I'm working on the problem.

Update and xenlotto  4-4-2010

I did the update today to add some new things and fix some bugs. I'm sorry about the server crashing recently, there seems to be a problem with the backup system. I have done some work on it and hopefully the problem is fixed.

Because of all the extra gold in the game right now I'm holding a lotto for a xencon item. It should help get a lot of gold out of the game and help the economy a lot. You can enter to win as many times as you like. It costs 1 platinum. Just type -xenlotto each time you want to enter. Next Sunday I will choose a random winner. You can enter as many times as you want.

File corruption  3-13-2010

Today while restoring a character there was a problem. I beleive the character file was corrupted and when the server attempted the import the corrupted file deleted some characters and goofed up some other stuff. I was forced to reset to this mornings backup file. Sorry for the problem.

The item reset  3-7-2010

Well its done and seems to be working well for most people. if you lost your gear there is still a chance I can restore it for you depending on the date your character was restored from. Email me and I will look into it. The item wipe was at the beginning of 2008 so characters restored before then are wiped and will have their chest pulls reset.

Important poll for all players  3-7-2010

There is an important poll on the messageboard that everyone should go and vote on. Please read it carefully.

Update  3-3-2010

Download the current update again if you would like to be able to bind to mouse buttons again and the mouse will not stay in effect while tabbed out of the game.

Working on the game this weekend  2-27-2010

I was forced to do a 1 day reset, you may need to email me again to get characters restored. Sorry about that.

I'm going to be doing as much work as possible on the game this weekend.

if your having problems getting the game working you should download the current update and send me the MYDEBUG.TXT file after the game crashes.

Server merge today!!  2-23-2010

Your marks will be reset!!

I have been thinking about making the game free for a long time now. The servers will be supported by micro transactions. A micro transaction is a small extra thing you can buy in the game that does cost real cash but are optional. Most people want to see the game expand and there are a lot of free game websites that would list Xenimus on their site if I change it to a free game.

All paid days people have when I get the conversion ready will be converted to tokens. Tokens will cost $1.00 each for now. In the future I may offer other price breaks on tokens if you buy a lot.

Tokens will be for your account and available to be spent on any character on an account.

Things tokens can be used for:

5 days of bonus mode play time (1 token and its for all chars on your account)
12 days of bonus mode play time (2 tokens and its for all chars on your account)
stat respec elixir (5 tokens)
skill respec elixir (5 tokens)
full stat/skill respec elixir (15 tokens)
100k exp (5 tokens)

These will be the first things offered, in the future I will add gear sets that can be bought, special temporary bonuses, chest pull resets. These are just ideas and could change at any time.

bonus mode play time will mean that you gain additional exp for each kill (10% for now), and the ability to own structures. Other perks will be added later.

So basically it would still only be $5.00 a month to play in bonus mode and you would get the exp bonus for all chars on your account.

I figure 100k exp would be helpful if you wanted to give your new character a head start but this would not be enough for anyone to become super powerful because that would be too expensive.

When characters are merged you will have access to all of them by pressing the refresh button on the character screen. Each time it will show your next 5 chars until you go back to the beginning. The character max will still be 5 but if you have more you can still get to them.

So if you have 12 characters there will be 2 pages of 5 and 1 page of 2. Of course because you are over the limit of 5 chars it would not be possible to create a 13th character.

Currently you have the advantage of bonus time counting for all 12 of those characters. For now I will leave it that way but new people with a 5 player limit might consider that unfair so it could change in the future.

One disadvantage is that you still must own structures with your highest level char so that might not be your main anymore.

I'm actually going to merge x1 and x3 into x2 because x2 has a high population (even if they are not playing atm) and they have the consignment merchant. X3 people should get all their stuff out of cons.

Graphics Update Today  2-16-2010

The graphics update is out. It would be best to do the full download instead of the update. I put out a small fix for those of you that got the missing DLL error.

Some people have reported that their virus scanner is saying the game is a virus. Obviously its not a virus so you will need to disable the virus scanner for the install process.

With this large of an update I'm sure there will be a few bugs so please report them.

Update soon!  1-31-2010

I'm currently working on an update for TD that will add several new items to the game as well as some new graphics. I'm buying as many 3D models as I can so they will look really nice. Some things like Axes and Maces are hard to find so I'm doing the best I can with those. No new armors will be going in right now but I certainly have plans for some new ones. Armors take more time.

X3 players will be able to vote soon on having their server merged or connected with the other servers. I'm considering merging all servers into a single server while I work on these graphics updates and if the game starts expanding again more servers could be added later. Plus I will be doing advertising again after the new graphics gets added. The new terrain system and armors are the main things I want to add.

Debug Version  1-12-2010

Some people have been having crash problems with the game. Download the current update, it will write additional info to the MYDEBUG.TXT file about what is going on to help find the problem. Attach the debug file to an email and send it to me at after you crash.

Update today  12-13-2009

Chests are now mainly for chest pulls. Its still possible to get non drop non trade items but they will be much more rare. Low level NDNT items are the same to help newbs start out.

Pets should have the betrayal points of the owner and -enemies should work better and not allow you to hit things that would cause you to lose alignment. TEST THIS before trusting it becuase its not easy testing on my own here but it seemed to work.

The last bit of programming of the old anti pk system is gone now.

Spawn times have been adjusted. Slow areas should be faster and the constant spawn areas should be a bit slower.

People were abusing the ability to change guild names at any time, so now you lost that ability and guild name changes will cost 50g.

I fixed some bugs with the game client that might have been causing crashes when exiting.

I am seriously considering merging x1 and x2 and changing the name of x3 to x2.

Polls about the game  11-29-2009

if you have not already voted then please take a look at these polls about future changes to the game.

Good / evil System poll
Chest pulls poll

Email is working again?   11-13-2009

if your still having problems sending me emails from the website make sure to hit refresh a couple times and if its still not working send me an email at and let me know what happens.

I had to move the entire website over to a new server, my old hosters were hosers not hosters.

Website Email problems  11-9-2009

I know the email system on the website is not working. I didn't change the code at all so the people that host it must have changed something on their end. They can be so stupid sometimes and just change things on their end without telling anyone. I will get it fixed asap.

New message board  11-6-2009

The xenimus FP message board will now also be used for TD also. New areas have been setup for posts on TD. I have been reading posts and posting on this message board for a while now if anyone wants to participate.

Obviously the people running Xentales have proven beyond any doubt that they have no ethics are are promoting the theft of the game by someone else.

The update today  10-31-2009

This update has a few minor changes for game play. There is a -home and -closest command now so you can set your respawn town where you want or always appear in the closest place.

There is also a new packet encryption system. Some of you know about this new server that some people have setup. They have stolen copywrited material and changed it, obviously this is not legal. The packet encryption has been changed to put a stop to these other servers. If these other servers are not shut down I will be talking to a lawyer.

New spell graphics  9-18-2009

I just finished up the spell graphics for the new fire and cold based spells. Those were the biggest thing holding up the update. New graphics is always trail and error, finding the right look so its cool. The first couple things I tried sucked. I have something now that looks good but isnt the same as any other spell and works similar to a beam style.

The update should be out soon but I'm not giving a release date, it will be out when its done.

Update on the balance update  9-9-2009

I wanted to let you know what is going in so far. These things could still be adjusted! After looking at all the emails from people these are the things that most people agreed should be done.

Wizards need another primary damage type.

Druids should lose Noxa.

Clerics need better damage and an additional spell (probly Noxa)

Bows will have HP/MP steal added for rangers.

Paladins will get more HP and possibly another spell.

Barbarians will have resists lowered, their weekness should be magic.

Hit amulets will not be 100% chance anymore, they will give a bonus to hit so agility will be worth something again.

Noxa in general will not reflect as much damage for magical attacks and will not reflect multiple times for weapon attacks that have other damage bonuses.

I will be taking a look at rings and probably toning down their power for all of them.

Big change like this are dangerous for the game so I am being careful.

New email is setup  8-25-2009

Password changes and other emails from the website are working again.

Sorry about the down time  8-20-2009

I made the move to Tennessee and now live in a town called Hermitage just outside Nashville. The hacker crashed the servers while I was moving so there was nothing I could do to get the servers up. I don't even have an internet connection here yet. I'm doing updates from a free wifi area.

Balance update  8-8-2009

I will be doing the class balance update soon so please send me your ideas on what should be balanced. Make sure to keep an objective opinion. If your email looks like you are asking just to make your own class more powerful instead of trying to help the game be balanced I will delete it and your ideas will not be considered.

Don't assume that someone else will tell me something. if you have something to say then say it. I will be reading them all and considering everyones opinion. Please make the subject line dealing with this be 'Balance update'.

Anyone who only cares about making their own class more powerful and does not care about game balance should go here. I should be a god!

Hello!  8-5-2009

I have had a lot to do recently. I might be moving again. This time to Nashville Tennessee! We had a XenCon there once and it was a cool place so we shall see what happens. In this economy I'm being forced take jobs where ever they are. Still working on FP of course and things are working great. I will be doing an update soon for TD to balance some class issues.

Update problems  6-23-2009

Some people were having problems with the update where the game would just quit for no reason. I just uploaded a new update that should fix that problem.

PVP changes  6-19-2009

I did a server side update to make some changes to the PVP system.

Spin attack does not make you auto hittable, your enemy has a bonus to hit instead.

Betrayal points will now make a player appear as an enemy when doing a sensus. That player can then be killed by either side for PVP points.

BE CAREFUL!!! Test this new system carefully and let me know if there are any bugs.

The daily backup and monster reset should happen about 2am from now on.

People need to understand  6-9-2009

You need to understand why I can't return gear that was traded for duped gear. Here is what happens. Some dishonest jerk dupes an item, then it gets traded possibly multiple times before it gets deleted. If I reverse your last trade the last person you traded with might be an honest player and now they are losing legit gear, and who knows how many times the duped item was traded and many of those trades could have been for multiple items and then other trades might have split up those items to any number of other players. So trying to reverse trades becomes a total nightmare.

Even if your trade was directly with the original duper and could be reversed its not fair to do it for some people and not others. I'm really sorry that it happened, we all hate the asshole dupers. I am working on trying to find the bug and fix it.

On a side note the duper has come forward and tried to black mail me for revealing the method of doing it. So far he wants his character back, a ton of NDNT gear including a sun staff and the 25 mil exp. This guy has also told me that he has a degree in computer science. That is very disturbing because it means he's not a kid. I expect a certain amount of dishonesty from some high school kids, high school sucks and there are a ton of people who will rip you off in a heart beat so dishonesty becomes a way of life. Your supposed to actually grow out of that when you get older. Having a degree does not mean jack, I have met people with masters degrees that were morons and some of the best game programmers in the world have no degree at all.

Characters deleted for cheating are NOT restored. The most the duper can get is a new character with 25 mil exp to start, and that's after the method is revealed, tested, and fixed.

Happens every time, the duper/cheater tries to black mail me for something.

Duped gear  6-7-2009

I checked several commonly duped items today and deleted them from the game. People need to keep in mind that duped gear will be deleted no matter what. I'm sorry if you traded legit gear for the duped gear. I cannot restore the legit gear that you traded for duped gear, it gets traded and re-traded in no time and I can't be trying to reverse that many trades. The dupers accounts have been deleted.

if anyone wants to be honest and tell me how it works so I can fix it that would be great. I will give 25 million exp to anyone who can tell me how it works and I can get it fixed. The very last post on this page explains more.

Of course I'm trying to guess at how they are doing it but its hard to tell.

Current work  6-6-2009

First I'm sorry for not posting in a while. My work currently focuses on Xenimus FP. The FP world designer is done and ready to go, so now I am working on getting the game client and server working properly and that is going very well also.

Soon I will be taking a break from work on FP to do an update for top down. The way things are looking, the top down update will be pretty good. I have made quite a few notes on things that will be going into the next update.

Quest EXP Adjustments  4-18-2009

Recently I adjusted the EXP given by some of the new quests down some. This seems to have made some players mad. That is typical I guess, any time I reduce something like that almost everyone will fail to understand or even consider the possibility that it was a necessary change. Lets face it, if some people had their way Imps would drop spirit gear and be worth 10k exp each and everyone in the game would have a Sun Staff or Vis Gladius.

These quests didn't even exist in the game until recently. if I had put the quests in the game as they are right now everyone would think they were great, but because there were higher at first and I reduced them people are all freaking out about it.

All quest EXP will stay as it is for now and if adjustments are needed I will make them in the future.

Rings  4-15-2009

Have been getting a lot of e-mails lately from people saying that the game is completely based on rings. The fact is that I allow people to wear six rings in this game. So of course rings have a large effect on the game. If you could wear six helmets then people would say it was helmet based, or if you could wear six pairs of gloves it would be glove based. So the game is not really based on rings, it's just that the number you are allowed to wear causes them to have a large effect.

One possible solution I have been thinking of is adding leggings and boots to the game. Those two additional slots would be taken from the ring slots. Then you would only be able to wear 4 rings. This will very likely be a future change.

FP progress  3-30-2009

Going very well. Just did a engine stress test and it was doing over 650,000 polys at 45 fps. This time the test was done with regular polys, sprites (trees and bushes), and some transparent polys to simulate particles and spells. This also had the shader system active. Old FP used to drag down to 30 fps and only be rendering a short distance from the player, this test was done while rendering 1/4 of the map. A second test showed that at double the standard distance of old FP I was able to stay around 60 fps. These tests were also done with no LOD (level of detail) system in place. So in other words small items that would normally not be rendered at long range were still being rendered.

VERY good results.

Emergency server maintenance

I was notified by my ISP that they will need to take down the servers for a short time. The DS will be down on the 18th from about 11:30 to 12:00, X1 and X2 down from about 11:00 to 11:30, then X2 again on the 20th from 11:00 to 2:00. All times are central. Its not the servers themselves that have any problems, it has to do with the connections to the servers and the backup power units.

A couple small changes  3-9-2009

There is now a 5 second delay after doing a cross server transport before you can do another cross server transport. This change is to stop the duping bug people have been using. I know this will be a bit annoying but its the best solution. Other changes had to do with some minor quest bugs.

Just to be clear!  3-4-2009

There have been some rumors that I'm giving up on TD! That is total BS! In fact I have a lot of plans for TD. A few characters need balancing yet and the professions system is one of the things on my mind lately. The thing is that its time for FP to get a turn so I'm working on that right now.

Not sure if anyone is aware of this but the game company I was at lost all their contracts because of the stock market crash. Investors are very tight right now so the company is going through some hard times like the rest of the country. I did talk with the owner of the company today and he is very interested in helping me find funding to turn the FP engine into an on line game. I'm not sure yet where all that will go.

Venture Capital and FP  2-24-2009

The graphics engine is getting integrated very nicely. So far there have been almost no problems during the conversion. Not sure when it will be out but I'm certainly working on it.

I have also written up a business plan and started trying to find venture capital for development of FP. Xenimus FP is mostly done and with some funding I could finish it and professionally publish it. That would be the ultimate goal. I'm very serious about getting investors and have been submitting the business plan to different venture capital investment companies.

I just don't have the time to do all the work in FP like I did in TD. I have calculated the costs of starting a company and working on FP for 2 years and it will cost between 1.5 and 2 million! The up side is that even with a tiny player base of like 25000 players the investor would make back about 3 times their money. No recently released game is below 300,000 players and if Xenimus FP was to get that many an investor would make back about 90 million. Figuring the investor gets half the gross profits for 5 years charging 10/month. I want to keep the price under all the competition. It could probably be done for about 1 million if I cut a lot of corners but I would rather do it right.

Just imagine if Xenimus was a big hit! The amount an investor could make would be huge! Venture capital investors look for exactly that type of investment. Something with high potential for payback and this would certainly qualify.

With my recent 3D programming jobs I have really sharpened my graphics engine programming skills. Five years ago I was not ready to do this, but now I know I am.

I considered offering the ability for YOU the players to invest in the creation of FP, but that seems like it could be messy. I have had offers from people to buy TD Xenimus. Recently someone offered me 50k. If any of you happen to know of someone interested in that kind of investment let me know. But make sure they are serious, it will take a lot of money to do it.

Current FP work  2-5-2009

The first person update is currently my main focus. I am now working on the shaders for FP engine. I did a benchmark test of the FP engine the other day and I was trying to get the frame rate to drop below 60 frames per second. The frame rate finally dropped down to 57 frames per second at 1,090,000 polygons. Needless to say that totally kicks ass. Keep in mind that this test was done with no other overhead. In other words just straight polygons with no particles or monsters running around. It was still an extremely successful test however.

I do plan on putting out a quest update for Xenimus TD soon. Eric and Ben from Green Bay have been very helpful designing new quests for people to do. I am currently looking over their scripting code.

Today's update  1-3-2009

I figured out why fighter classes were not getting the extra HP from the last update and fixed that.

Wizards needed some alternate types of magic damage to compete in PVP. I'm not going to make large adjustments in this area at a time. So to start I increased the strength of adgredi, fire, and ice projectiles for wizards and cut the magic cost in half. Give those spells a chance. OK, I forgot that wizards don't even have ice ball. I think wizards should have energy as a primary, with a secondary of fire or ice. I need to think on this more.

Obviously there has been some duping problems in the game. It has been very hard to track down but I did find an area that could cause a problem and fixed it.

The XENCON item drop 15 days was very interesting indeed. The server dropped a total of 10 Xencon helms and only 3 were found! In fact I know that there was a skeleton on X3 that had a helm for 2 days and on X1/X2 DS there was a pix that had one for most of December 26.

Animation bugs  12-12-2008

Someone reported a bug that female barbarians were not using proper animations. if you have this problem I need to know what race/class/and armor you are wearing when the bug happens so I can find it.

if you get hacked!!  7-14-2005

First of all it is your responsibility to protect your own account.

  • Do not download programs to "help" you with the game.
  • Do not open attachments to emails.
  • Do not talk to people you cant trust on instant message programs.
  • Do not log into the game at a friends house. They might put a key logger on their own computer or they may have a virus and don't know it themselves.
  • Do not give out your account info!!!!!! (nobody ever listens to me on this one)

if your account gets hacked keep in mind before you email me that it is 100% your own fault that it got hacked and that I will help you if I can but it is not my responsibility to do so. In order for me to do anything I have to find proper proof that your account was logged into.

Also keep in mind that you are responsible for what is done with your account. So if you let a hacker use your computer or your account you risk getting banned or deleted.

Official info on 25 mil exp  12-18-2004

It seems that I need to be clear about this reward of 25 million exp for reporting a dupe bug.

1. Once the info is given to me on how it works I must be able to confirm that the bug exists.
2. The bug cannot be related to the servers going down in any way. I am well aware that in some situations it would be possible to dupe an item if the server was to go down at the proper moment.
3. After the bug is fixed the 25 mil exp can be given to any character or if multiple people discover it the exp could be split up.
4. If you want to be greedy and try to black mail me for more exp or items you can fuck off!